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Apply to BC Launch Online Grant Program

Apply to BC Launch Online Grant Program

Did you know you can receive up to $7500 in grants to get your business online?

As a small business owner, we know how complicated it can be to wear many hats. That’s why Opulence Financial Services can help you with your application process.

COVID-19 has shifted how business is conducted and we all have seen how crucial online presence has become.

Are you planning on launching an online store? Or have you thought about upgrading your current online store or booking system? If so, you can qualify for Launch Online Grant Program for up to $7500.

Are you eligible?

Contact us to determine if your small business is eligible for the BC Online Launch Grant.

Need help with the proposal?

We help you prepare your proposal to increase chances to get selected for the program.

How to use BC Launch Online Grant

The grant will cover up to 75% of costs (or $7500) to help businesses move their business online.

Get assistance with your proposal

Why should you apply:

  • Get free funds to create your e-commerce store
  • Increase your sales and customers base by going online
  • Improve your online booking system

General FAQs

  • What is Launch Online Grant Program?

The BC government has put aside $42 million of grant funding for small and medium-size businesses across BC to move their business online or enhance the existing business model. Launch Online Grant Program funds up to 75% of eligible expenses if you launch or upgrade an online store or booking system within 12 weeks.  

  • Am I eligible for the Launch Online Grant Program ?

If you meet the following criteria, then you will be eligible:

  • Generated sales of more than $30,000 in previous year
  • Business owner/owners is BC resident
  • Business sole/primary operations are in BC
  • Business is registered in BC
  • Business is currently operating
  • Business employs up to 149 BC residents
  • Business pays taxes in BC
  • Business maintains Federal business number, GST number, PST and WorkSafeBC (if applicable)

If you meet the above criteria, make sure one of the following applies to you:

Does not have an online store currently or the existing online store does not have more than three out of five identified online features below:

  • Website analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Product catalogue, search and inventory status
  • Customer registration and Information Security features
  • Shopping cart and order management capabilities
  • Payment processing options that includes application of appropriate taxes and shipping cost at time of ordering

Does not have an online booking system or the existing online booking system does not have more than three of the five online features below:

  • Website analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Automated replies and reminders
  • Customer registration and Information Security features
  • Schedule navigation and reservation management capabilities
  • Payment processing options that include application of appropriate at time of ordering (if applicable)

Meeting the criteria does not guarantee that your application will be approved for funding. Please contact us at to streamline the process and help with proposal.

  • When is the deadline to fill out the application?

The deadline application is September 30th, 2021 or until the funds have been fully subscribed.

  • How does the Application work?

Step 1: Develop a grant proposal which explain how you plan on using the funds. You will also need to show a cost estimate which include how much funding you need and how you will be spending the money.

Step 2: Complete the online application demonstrating that you meet the eligibility requirements and submit your online shop/booking system proposal.

Step 3: Applicants will be contacted within 3 three weeks with the outcome of their application.

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