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Corporate Tax Accountant

Corporate Tax

Accountant in Canada

We manage your corporate taxes so you can manage your business.

Plan a successful and stress-free tax season with an accounting firm that meets your standards.

Business tax is complex, Opulence Financial Services makes it simple.

Whether you’re a self-employed or a small business owner, we handle your tax planning, preparation and filing, all in one place.

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Stress-free tax filing

Last year was complicated. Your taxes don’t have to be.

Your situation is unique and so is your return. Whether you’re a small business owner, self-employed or simply have a “side hustle”, we’re here to guide you through the year-end financial statements and corporate tax filing.

Entirely remote

Say goodbye to long commute for your appointment. Now more than ever, small business owners will be looking online for their accounting needs. With Opulence Financial Services, you are only a video call away from us.

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Why do you need a Corporate Tax Accountant

Streamline your paperwork

Having unorganized financial statements create stress. Here, we help you file your business taxes correctly and prevent you from making mistakes. Plus, we give you advice to minimize your tax liability next year.

Uncover your Tax Savings

There are things that an accounting software can’t anticipate. Our Tax Preparer will help you find out which deductions you qualify for – saving you money and time in the long run.

Provide valuable financial advice

Tax laws and rules are always changing. It’s part of our task to keep you up-to-date on tax law changes and how they can affect you and your business.

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